I am now using Blender Software to animate

Short version:
I gonna use Blender Software to make videos now.

Long version:
Source Filmmaker hasn’t been updated in like 3 years, and it’s based on an old engine. It is time to move on and use something where all tools i need are available in one program.
I’ll use Source Filmmaker couple of more times, but i want to use it less and less often. Source Filmmaker is old, unstable, limited, less quality control and buncha other stuff, but it was a great program to use over all these years.
There is still much for me to learn about blender and a lot already i have learned.
There will be times when videos will have some imperfection in them and it will be my mission to improve.
I will use couple of existing models that have been created by awesome modelers, but i want to make further models on my own, the way i want.
I kept improving and what helped me to improve is love, hate and criticism, so a lot of thanks who loved, hated and criticized me over all these years, you made progress.
This is like 2012 for me all over again.
I will still be making videos since this is what i’ve learned to do over the years and we all see how far i’ve come.
My Patreon is under construction and those who pledge will receive some awesome bonuses!

History of programs i used to make videos:

2007 – 2012 Garry’s Mod
2012 – 2017 Source Filmmaker
2017 – blender

I dont put a lot of effort in writing.


I always make everything as short as possible:

I will keep making videos, around 2 per month.

I will be using Source Filmmaker less and less often, I’ll be switching to blender software- I’ll be creating my own pony and any other models for future videos.
Video quality will be improved.

I will create a patreon where people can pledge and will receive rewards, such as:
– Watch new video before it goes publicly
– Name in credits
– Buncha other cool stuff that i will reveal later.

Game making is something that i still have to learn and i should invest my time more in video making since i have a lot of experience in that.
People watch my videos, they love them, they want more – then I’ll make more.


Short version:
ED+ doesn’t want to make videos anymore, he wants to develop apps and games.

Long version:
I was never a fan of writing long text, but since many are so in to that stuff, here you go:

I started video making since 2007, 10 years have passed and i have made a lot of videos. Video making is starting to be less and less interesting for me, time to start doing something else.
I was always interested in game making and that is what i want to do now.

SFM brony community isn’t the most friendliest and i couldn’t find a helper because people were too busy hating on others.
I created my own rules, my own formula of SFM video making, i don’t believe that animating the way others do works. My style of animating was loved by many people, the numbers are out there.
SFM is old and VALVe doesn’t update it anymore because they are too busy with making money from Steam.
Source Filmmaker is my most used program – 4200 hrs spent ( minus rendering time ).

Lenora and Finola seasons were preplanned, but it seems they never will be done. People don’t like the show anyways, but I’m glad everyone enjoyed Edventures. Some of written ideas will be added in my future content i will create.

What is Trystan and what is his plan?
– That will still remain as a mystery, maybe it will answered some other way rather than a video.
Trystan is a very interesting character, me and the voice actor love him. We will see him sometime again in the future.

Many wanted to bring me down, instead of joining my team and get creative.
I wasn’t pretending that i am a productive SFM video creator, because i actually was doing something instead of making videos of how i unbox my pc, build my pc, make a short clip and loop it for 10 minutes, or review some gadget. 🙂
I don’t waste my life making other peoples life miserable, by proving that creator is some bad guy and post “Evidences” throughout the internet. – This just proves that those who do this have nothing fun going on in their lives and have no goals.
I would share my secrets of video making with others if everyone had more friendship magic in them.

I always tried to entertain my audiences with my videos and follow my rules. Hopefully i brought some good memories.
If i had workers working on my projects, then videos would be uploaded very often, but it’s not easy to find them and the budget isn’t that big.
Tons of video ideas are written, but they will never be made, or maybe will be shown in some game i will make.
Video making was a lot of fun.

For my opinion year 2011-2012 were the best brony years.

Thanks to all voice actors and modelers who helped me. – I was always respectful and kind to you, because you helped me. To those people i wish only the best.

If people will ask questions, i will edit this post and will add answers.

If you are desperate to fix my grammar or you hate how i wrote this, you can correct it and email me your editing.
I am not in to making long text sound good, short answers can tell everything.

SFM stands for Source Filmmaker, which is free application for animating. It was created by VALVe.

My New Twitter account where i will post game and app development stuff: ED Plus Dev
My App Store page: My Games

EndBlock Plus (iOS)


I’ve created my second game for iOS, called “EndBlock Plus”

This is high score based game.
All you have to do is smash blocks, find the key that is hidden in one of the blocks and find an exit to go to next level.
There plenty of surprises in the game.

Game is FREE and you can download to your iPad or iPhone.
Game was designed specifically for iPad.

Game is family friendly and suits for any age.

Recommended iOS version is iOS 9.0