New: How many seasons will be there of ED+ Adventures in Equestria?
– Season 4 will be the last season.

– Because i believe that the show wasn’t very successful, it was my first show i started to make, the plot wasn’t as good as i thought. The show brought many fans and many people still like it. Voice actors have changed since Season 4 Episode 5, because one talented voice actor left the production. Ed will appear in other videos sometime again.

When you started to animate?
– Since 2008 i was using Garry’s Mod. From mid 2012 i went to Source Filmmaker.

How long does it take to make an episode?
– This question has been updated and can’t be given correct answer, it takes long time to make videos.

Can i add you to Steam friends or Skype?
– I receive 0 – 3 invites per day on Steam, I invite you to my group and I decline your invite.
My Skype is only for people who work with my projects.

Can you teach me SFM?
– No, I don’t have time for that.

Can my OC be in your videos?
– Yeah, read   this (CAREFULLY)

I hate you!
– I don’t.

I love you!
– I love you too!

Do you read comments I post, Y U NO REPLY!?
– I read every new comment, i just don’t talk much.

Are you single?
– Yes.

Do you need a voice actor/actress?
– Yes, if you’re voice actor/actress, contact me.

Do you make NSFW?
– Not my thing, but i made few long time ago.

Are you a clopper?
– ^^

Why do you like Sweetie Belle?
– Because she is the best pony.

Your animations suck!
– Thats your opinion, I don’t try animating how others do, I animate how I want and the way I think is the best.

Do you have a permission to use other peoples music?
– Yes I have contacted every musician whose music I use and have a permission.

Can you teach me how to make OC?
– I’m not a modeler, my OC was made by an awesome person.

Do you have Facebook?
– I don’t have a Facebook account.