I am now using Blender Software to animate

Short version:
I gonna use Blender Software to make videos now.

Long version:
Source Filmmaker hasn’t been updated in like 3 years, and it’s based on an old engine. It is time to move on and use something where all tools i need are available in one program.
I’ll use Source Filmmaker couple of more times, but i want to use it less and less often. Source Filmmaker is old, unstable, limited, less quality control and buncha other stuff, but it was a great program to use over all these years.
There is still much for me to learn about blender and a lot already i have learned.
There will be times when videos will have some imperfection in them and it will be my mission to improve.
I will use couple of existing models that have been created by awesome modelers, but i want to make further models on my own, the way i want.
I kept improving and what helped me to improve is love, hate and criticism, so a lot of thanks who loved, hated and criticized me over all these years, you made progress.
This is like 2012 for me all over again.
I will still be making videos since this is what i’ve learned to do over the years and we all see how far i’ve come.
My Patreon is under construction and those who pledge will receive some awesome bonuses!

History of programs i used to make videos:

2007 – 2012 Garry’s Mod
2012 – 2017 Source Filmmaker
2017 – blender

I dont put a lot of effort in writing.